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Tutorial #2

This tutorial includes a detailed description of selecting with Quick Mask mode, and is intended for those with a basic knowledge of Photoshop.

We'll be making this header:

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Poof! You're a macchiatoCollapse )

Jenna Fischer Make-Up Ad

When bana76 said, in lea427's journal, that the first of these photos looks like a make-up ad, I saw it as an invitation.

Maybe she's born with itCollapse )


These Days


She's A Marshmallow

This was borne out of just fiddling around in Photoshop, hoping to come up with something cool. I don't know if it serves any real purpose besides provoking fantasies of some alternate reality where Veronica can just bypass college and go straight to full-time ass-kicking.

Well, you know what they sayCollapse )